Inside the mix – that “one” kick drum

Nothing is ever as it seems.

That “one kick drum” your hear and that “one bass” you hear, more often than not, is actually comprised of several instruments layered on top of each other, a good deal of mixing and a lot of trial and error along the way! In music production, you often spend a lot of time on one single, seemingly easy and straight forward thing, such as getting the snare to sound just right. A lot of time and effort go into mixing things to sound right, get the volume/intensity of an effect just right, layering and mixing the right single sounds together in a way so that massive pumping kick drum comes out of it in the end and dominates the beat just the way you wanted it to.

In most of my tracks, it’s never really just one kick drum, even though that’s kind of what you end up hearing in the end – that one, massive kick drum. Turns out: it’s 2 (sometimes more) different kick drums, a bunch of effects and know tweaks, that make it sound the way it sounds.

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