Inside the album – Five Finger Discount

Five Finger Discount releases on April 26th, 2023 with a pre-order on iTunes available from April 16th, 2023 on. As sort of a little behind the scenes we’ll take a quick look at each track and see, what they’re all about.

#1 Carry On

Coming in on spot number on, it’s Carry On. Carry On is an upbeat dance track with 126 BPM and a steady beat. Starting out somewhat dark and moody, it lightens up a bit in the process and transports the message “Carry on!” quite well, I’d say.

BPM: 126
Duration: 03:17

#2 Cryptic

At 144 BPM, Cryptic is an upbeat trancy EDM track. It’s a somewhat happy, yet subtly melancholic beast of a banger and quite heavy on the low ends. I recommend being careful with that subwoofer of yours 😉

BPM: 144
Duration: 03:00

#3 Debates

Debates is a classic EDM track making good use of the classic question and response type structure. Its strength lies in the low ends and its driving beat. The synthy pads carry it home.

BPM: 136
Duration: 03:33

#4 Exile

Psychedelic melodies that phase in an out, a driving beat at 124 BPM and a growling bass. Is it Psytrance? Is it bass house? Who knows? Exile takes you in its arms and carries you along on mellow pads and a monotonous, yet engaging structure.

BPM: 124 BPM
Duration: 03:08

#5 Heroes

Heroes is kind of the crown jewel of the album. A raging beat drags you along at 142 BPM and invites you to kill it on the dancefloor. Heroes is a trancy, somewhat psychedelic EDM track with a catchy, simple melody. I think, Heroes, along with Junction, are my favourite tracks of this album, both for very different reasons. Heroes is a good old basic EDM/Rave banger: go out on the Dancefloor and dance the night away!

BPM: 142
Duration: 03:11

#6 Junction

Junction seems to hardly fit in. And yet, it was fun taking that idea and putting it all together. It starts somewhat slowly, thoughtful. Junction wants to tell a story. A story of hope, determination and resolve. After the “drop”, when the beat joins in and the question the piano and the pads kept asking is resolved in a bright and shiny resolution, it leaves us wanting for more. I had so much fun making this track. It may not show, but there is quite a bit of theory, thought and planning that went into this one.

BPM: 128
Duration: 02:30

Junction on Youtube

#7 Resolution

Whereas Junction left us wanting for more, Resolution answers all the questions, that we were left behind with. A catchy, distinct bass line clearly shows the path, which the driving, fast-paced beat and the swell pads carry us on. Resolution builds up to the last tracks of the album, bringing it home.

BPM: 132
Duration: 03:08

#8 Skylines

Skylines opens up the path to the actual resolution of the album. With 128 BM it drives us towards the finish line with a driving bass, housy beat and catchy melody.

BPM: 128
Duration: 03:22

#9 The Caveman’s Love Song

A dampened, dark mallet sound drives the melody forward, which is carried on a bass line with a hefty oomph to it and a housy beat. Accompanied by warm and softly swelling pads, the caveman does his best to woe the cavewoman of his dreams. I wonder, if he ever got her? 🙂

BPM: 128
Duration: 03:37

#10 Up

A saw lead, some phasing, a driving beat and some hefty oomph in the low ends: Up is an upbeat dance track. I’ll be honest: it’s a solid EDM track but not my favourite of this album. Heroes and Junction leave no place for any other favourites 😉

BPM: 135
Duration: 03:13

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