Noise that pleases the ears.

Rogue makes noise. To some ears, that noise sounds pleasing. To some, it doesn't. Such is the way of things. Rogue dabbles in Rave, EDM, Trance, House, Psytrance, whatever pleases Rogue and whatever catches Rogue's interest. It's hard to limit Rogue to a single genre.

Things that Rogue has to say.

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New Single – Sad Songs

I have a new single coming out on November 25th called "Sad Songs". I've always loved playing...


Release, Release!

It's done. Five Finger Discount is live on most of the platforms and can be streamed/bought. Five...


Inside the mix – that “one” kick drum

Nothing is ever as it seems. That "one kick drum" your hear and that "one bass" you hear, more...